Company Contact Service

Dear users, thank you for choosing Geteen products. When you buy products with non-human performance failure, you can enjoy the following after-sales services provided by our company:

Warranty period
1.Within seven days from the date of purchase, in case of non-human performance failure of the product, the same type of product can be replaced free of charge (the product itself and the outer package shall be kept intact);
2.Within one year from the date of purchase, in case of non-human performance failure, the product can enjoy free maintenance service (parts are not included in the scope of maintenance);
3.If you buy Gotham products, you can enjoy life-long maintenance services.

Quality assurance standard
1.Quality problems caused by poor product material, manufacturing process and product function are all within the scope of quality assurance.
2.Due to operation error, accidental falling, long-term wear, product failure caused by trying to open or decompose the product is not covered by the warranty.

Warranty rules
1.If you have such a problem with the product you purchased, please contact the buyer, or directly call Goth brand after-sales at 400-880-2783 to replace the new product free of charge.
2.When you need quality assurance, please fill in the after-sales service card clearly: the name of the buyer, your name, address, failure reason, etc., so as to replace or maintain the product for you in time.