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Hong Kong Gotham is a high-tech enterprise integrating product R & D, design, production and marketing. Focusing on the adult products market, it has its own brand, gothene / geteen and other brands. All products are designed by Hong Kong Design Center, and obtained many national patents. Its product materials are made according to the strict safety standards of Europe and the United States. After years of deep-rooted in the industry, careful operation, the company's design and production of products, once listed, immediately lead to market sensation and pursuit! Gothengen geteen brand products are all over Korea and Japan, exported to Europe and the United States, and many times in the foreign industry Fair won unanimous praise!


In 2016, the company decided to lay out the domestic adult products market! Better for the country's adult supplies market to provide high-quality services! All our products have passed the national CNAs / CMA / cmaf quality certification and CE / Rosh environmental protection certification. Most of our products have the national patent certificate! With reasonable price, high quality, and with gothene's professional spirit and innovative ideas, the company provides customers with high-quality services, and its products have won a remarkable market response in the domestic adult products market.

In 2017, the chairman of the company returned to Ji'an, the hometown of Jiangxi Province, and invested heavily to establish (Jiangxi Gothic Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.) in response to the call of development of his hometown. The company covers an area of 15 mu, plant area of more than 5000 square meters, is a set of development and design, mold manufacturing, product production and sales of large-scale production base! In 2019, the company was invited to participate in the working group of the industry standard setting of gender interest products, and became one of the drafting units of the industry standard setting!


Relying on the good policies of the governments at all levels in Ji'an City and the professionalism of all Gotham colleagues, the company has opened up a new retail Road in line with the development of modernization. The company has fully implemented the new retail plan of "Internet social e-commerce + Intelligent vending shop joining the chain" as the business model, and has achieved good market performance and created a new retail profit model.


Enterprises create value for the society, provide a good platform for entrepreneurship and employment, and build the most valuable brand of adult interest products for China! To help partners create profits and provide consumers with the best value-added services, with the vision of helping adults in China and the world to have a good sex and family harmony as their mission. Based on Jiangxi hometown, develop a new chapter of the world.