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Sharing girlfriend has been stopped. Please don't use vulgarity to destroy interest products

In the era of sharing economy, it seems that as long as your brain hole is big enough, you can easily take the "sharing" bus to get rich. Looking back from last year's booming bike sharing, to this year's sharing of baby chairs, umbrellas, horses and dormitories And so on. Although they are not as popular as sharing bicycles, consumers agree with them.

After seeing the successful examples of "predecessors", the new third board company Taqu (837472) launched the "sharing girlfriend" project, which immediately attracted visitors from all walks of life as soon as it was launched, but unlike the previous sharing projects, the "sharing girlfriend" project had a bad review.

It is understood that at the "sharing girlfriends and keeping warm together" conference held in Beijing, five life size "sharing girlfriends" appeared at the event site, attracting many people's onlookers, passers-by sharing dolls on site for interaction, swimsuit tender model, sweet girl, racing girl... To meet the mate selection standards of different users.

Although some netizens voiced their support for the project, more people thought it was absurd and even insulted women.

Therefore, Sanlitun police station made a formal decision to impose a fine on him for "disturbing the public order by vulgar activities". At the same time, they asked the local people to write an inspection and guarantee, and asked to take the inflatable dolls out of Beijing.

Under various pressures, the "sharing girlfriend" project was soon suspended.

It has to be said that the name of sharing girlfriend project itself has a strong marketing significance. Coupled with the hormonal economy, sharing girlfriends is expected to be popular.

However, this kind of marketing method will inevitably bring the investigation of relevant departments.

In our country, sex related topics and things are not open enough to be "exposed" in broad daylight. Sharing girlfriends makes it easy for people to connect spice products with "vulgar" and "obscene" again. In this way, the efforts made by the majority of spice industry practitioners to give the name of spice products are likely to be in vain.

No matter whether netizens resist "sharing girlfriend" or not, in the final analysis, the spice products are private items in the boudoir, so they are doomed not to be shared.

Apart from this reason, can the health of "sharing girlfriend" really be guaranteed?

Therefore, don't destroy the healthy image of the interest products that are not easy to build in order to win the eyeballs.

Since the market of interest products is vast, as long as all the people engaged in this industry work together and continue to develop, in the near future, interest products will become the necessities of people's daily life like other daily necessities.